11 GPS Tracking for Water Sports
Product name: P99L&P99G
Australia, 2019
The P99 series feature water resistance ratings, long battery life, and is one of the ideal choices for water sports. It can pinpoint real-time locations of outdoor enthusiasts and provide reassurance for participants. In addition, the tracking unit can keep a comprehensive log of their sporting performances that can be later viewed from Meitrack MS03 tracking system on a computer or smartphone.

22 GPS Tracking for Running Event
Product name:MT90
France, 2018
The MT90 has a rugged and sturdy housing which is proven to withstand repeated shakes and extreme temperatures. Once the units are carried by runners, they will keep track of all the runners at the event all day long and provide instant data, such as the location, speed, and distance between competitors.

33 Snow Plow GPS Fleet Tracking
Product name: P99G
Japan, 2018
The P99G is used to handle massive snow fall troubles by making removal quicker and easier. With the aid of the device, snow plow operators can clear snow from the streets quickly and efficiently. In addition, fleet managers can identify missed snow removal routes, and most importantly, prevent any overlaps in vehicle dispatching.

44 Taxi GPS Tracking for Thailand Government
Product name: T333
Thailand, 2017
Meitrack introduces the taxi GPS tracking solution to the Thailand government in order to enhance the safety of drivers and passengers while improving the taxi service. Taxies are equipped with the T333 tracker, magnetic card reader, taximeter, and camera. These taxies can only be driven by authorized drivers. In case of emergency, the government monitoring center can pinpoint the location quickly and efficiently, and take immediate action.

55 GPS Fleet Tracking for Concrete Mixer Trucks
Product name: T333
Thailand, 2017
Concrete mixer trucks are installed with the T333 tracker, magnetic card reader, forward and reverse sensor. All data gathered, such as the driving speed, acceleration, braking, idling time and arrival time, can be used to evaluate drivers’ job performance. This can be used to reduce fuel consumption, optimize dispatching management, and lower operating costs.

66 Mobile DVR Video Surveillance for Armored Bank Vehicles
Product name: MD511H MDVR
Malaysia, 2018
Inside an armored bank vehicle, a MD511H mobile DVR is connected to four cameras. The video surveillance solution only allows authorized staff to start the vehicle. If the vehicle door is opened without permission or the vehicle is hijacked, the monitoring center can quickly and efficiently keep track of what’s happening inside the vehicle, remotely cut off the engine to prevent the vehicle from moving, and take immediate action to minimize the loss.

77 Construction Site GPS Tracking
Product name: T366
Iraq, 2018
With the installation of T366 vehicle trackers onto trucks, only authorized operators are granted access to the construction site to perform certain tasks. Once the device detects that a vehicle travels outside defined boundaries, fleet managers will receive an instant alert. In addition, operators’ job performance can be evaluated based on the data gathered: the driving speed, acceleration, braking, idling time, speeding, and fuel consumption amongst others.

88 Shuttle Bus GPS Tracking
Product name: T333
Hong Kong, 2016
Shuttle buses are installed with the T333 vehicle tracker, RFID reader, red light and green light. The solution only allows authorized employees to enjoy the shuttle service. If the RFID tag is not authorized, the red light will be on to alert drivers. All data gathered, such as the driving speed, acceleration, braking, idling time and arrival time, can be used to evaluate drivers’ job performance and help improve driver behaviors, thus reducing fuel consumption and lowering operating costs.