Join Meitrack Exclusive Distributor Plan in Africa

In order to offer better service to African markets, Meitrack decides to authorize exclusive distributor in each country.

country Distributor quantity country Distributor quantity
Algeria 1 Libya 1
Botswana 1 Namibia 1
Lesotho 1 Swaziland 1
Cape Verde 1 Benin 1
Burkina Faso 1 Guinea 1
Guinea- Bissau 1 Liberia 1
Senegal 1 Sierra Leone 1
Togo 1 Niger 1
Mauritania 1 Western Sahara 1
Mali 1 Gambia 1
Malawi 1 South Sudan 1
Mauritius 1 Uganda 1
Ehiopia 1 Westland 1
Burundi 1 Seychelles 1
Somalia 1 Rwanda 1
Eritrea 1 Gabon 1
Congo 1 The Democratic Republic of Congo 1
Cameroon 1 Chad 1
Central African Republic 1 Guinea Ecuatorial 1

1. Qualification:

1.1 Rich experience in GPS tracking business;
1.2 Professional technical and sales team;
1.3 Well-established distribution channel and marketing ability;
1.4 Willing to explore and offer service to local market on behalf of Meitrack.

2. Benefits:

2.1 Market protection with limited competitors;
2.2 Price support;
2.3 Prior technical support;
2.4 Brand support – ODM or Co-branding;
2.5 Marketing material support;
2.6 Forward local inquiries;
2.7 Certificate of distribution ship.

3. Responsibilities:

3.1 Earnest money. Deposit will be refunded once target sales quantity achieved;
3.2 Each order quantity shall follow MOQ;
3.3 Promote Meitrack products with best efforts and maintain Meitrack corporate and brand image;
3.4 Report local market information and inquiries follow-up on monthly basis;
3.5 Maintain minimum stock quantity of selected models;
3.6 For big project or tenders,

If distributor does not attend, Meitrack will take part in bidding directly or appoint third-party to submit;
If distributor takes part in, Meitrack would support distributor with best efforts.
Please send your company profile and interests to to obtain distribution ship!

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