Meitrack & PILOT: Partnering for Smarter Fleet Management

Meitrack & PILOT: Partnering for Smarter Fleet Management

Meitrack recently announced a collaboration with PILOT Telematics, integrating their cutting-edge MDVR and tracker devices into PILOT’s platform. This alliance enables users to utilize Meitrack’s device on PILOT’s platform, unlocking a range of comprehensive functionalities, including precise individual tracking, asset tracking, real-time video surveillance, and detailed event reports.

PILOT Telematics, boasting over 13 years of expertise, is an expert in the fields of transport and the Internet of Things. Based on the platform for satellite monitoring, the core solution streamlines vehicle tracking, fuel consumption, route optimization, fleet management, and so on. PILOT’s commitment to safety extends beyond vehicles, as they offer specialized services for home security, apartment security, and personal safety. Since 2009, Pilot has expanded into the UAE, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and more.

Meitrack, a renowned telematics and IoT solution provider, stands out with 22 years of manufacturing experience in GNSS tracker and mobile DVR. Equipped with a professional R&D team, Meitrack relentlessly drives innovation to address changing market requirements. The support for customized solutions ensures that each device is carefully tailored to meet the unique demands of diverse use scenarios. With Meitrack’s devices, PILOT’s platform enables personal tracking, asset tracking, real-time video surveillance, and event reports for smarter fleet management.

Meitrack & PILOT Telematics’ collaboration forecasts a promising future, benefiting clients with enhanced intelligence and efficiency. Together, we champion secure, sustainable, and cost-effective transportation solutions, enhancing the industry standard. Stay updated with our latest news and innovations!

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