MT90L: Meitrack’s Second 4G Portable GPS Tracker

Since the MT90G 3G personal tracker has been widely recognized in the international market, Meitrack Group today launches its another innovative portable GPS tracker. The MT90L is designed meet the needs of the burgeoning IoT network market.  This tracking unit can work with the mobile app to ensure a safe and sure journey, and provide […]

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Meitrack Introduces its First 4G Portable GPS Tracker P99L

Meitrack today introduces its first 4G portable GPS tracker P99L. This palm-sized unit is predicted to be one of the most popular personal tracking devices amongst adventure seekers, lone workers such as miners, and construction workers.

The P99L is specially designed for hiking, camping, fishing trips, snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. It has a […]

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Meitrack Officially Releases its 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker T633L

Meitrack Group will release of the brand new 4G vehicle GPS tracker in the middle of July. The T633L diversifies the 4G GPS tracker family and expands the product mix of fleet management solutions. These innovations are all to better meet the needs of a broader range of customers.

The T633L features an impressive LTE module, […]

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Meitrack Integrates LoRa Wireless Technology into GPS Smart Lock K211G

In a previous publication we introduced the newly developed GPS smart lock K211G. Now we will focus on LoRa, an LPWA communication technology to see how the lock works under this working mode.

Semtech Corporation developed LoRa, which is an abbreviation for a patented long range digital wireless data communication technology. The technology uses license-free radio […]

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Meitrack Releases the New-Generation Mobile Digital Video Recorders

Today, Meitrack officially announces the release of a revolutionary product, the MD522S 4-channel HD mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs).

The MD522S adopts H.264 video compression/decompression, GPS positioning and wireless data transmission technologies, and constitute an important part of new-generation wireless vehicle video surveillance system. The unit features the highest resolution and frame-rate combination available, delivering outstanding […]

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Visit Meitrack at Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show 2019

Meitrack is pleased to announce its participation in Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show 2019. The electronics show is held at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong from April 11 to April 14 and seen as an empowering platform for businesses. We cordially invite you to stop by booth 7L14 and say hello to our team.

Meitrack will showcase […]

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Meitrack Upgrades the Passenger Counting System to Deliver Better Customer Experience

Accurate and reliable transit data for transportation companies has become even more important. Delivering a better customer experience, Meitrack today unveils its upgraded passenger counting system.

The passenger counting system consists of a passenger counter, two infrared night vision cameras, a T366G vehicle tracker, and the Meitrack MS03 tracking platform. It is designed to count the […]

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Meitrack Releases its First 3G/LoRa GPS Smart Lock K211G

Today, Meitrack officially announces the successful development of its first 3G/LoRa GPS smart lock K211G, which will meet the operation needs of transportation and logistics companies.

We have successfully combined a mechanical lock with GPS, and advanced wireless communication technologies to make a high security smart lock. The K211G is more than just a smart electronic […]

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GPS Fleet Tracking System Aids the Fight Against Big Snow Storms

A snow storm is a problem every winter for almost areas all over the world, it can be a difficult time for many who need to get to work or school. Now GPS tracking is being used to help handle massive snow pile-up troubles and make snow removal quick and easy. In Japan, at the […]

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Meet GPS Smart Lock K211G: A Revolution in Container Tracking

We’ve spent quite a lot of time expanding our portfolio of products and services, always bringing new innovations to our clients. We would like to announce the successful development of the first GPS smart lock combination K211G. This new model is likely to be available for pre-orders at the end of October.  It will also […]

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