Join MT90 Exclusive Distributor Plan in Europe

To better promote personal GPS tracker MT90 in European markets, Meitrack decides to authorize exclusive distributor in each country below.

country Distributor quantity country Distributor quantity
Albania 1 Ireland 1
Bulgaria 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1
Yugoslavia 1 Kosovo 1
Vatican 1 Monaco 1
Andorra 1 Luxembourg 1
Iceland 1 Slovenia 1
French Polynesia 1 Cyprus 1
macedonia 1 Papua New Guinea 1

1. Qualification:

1.1 Have rich experience with GPS tracker;
1.2 Have professional technical and sales team;
1.3 Have well-established distribution channel and marketing ability;
1.4 Identify with Meitrack, and be willing to work together to explore local market.

2. Benefits:

2.1 Market protection with exclusive right;
2.2 Better price support;
2.3 Prior technical support;
2.4 Marketing material support;
2.5 Forward local inquiries;
2.6 Certificate of Distributorship.

3. Responsibilities:

3.1 Pay deposit. Deposit will be refunded if achieve target yearly quantity;
3.2 Each order quantity shall follow MOQ;
3.3 Promote Meitrack products aggressively, and maintain Meitrack corporate and brand image;
3.4 Report local market’s information and inquiries’ follow-up monthly;
3.5 Maintain minimum stock quantity of selected models;
3.6 For big project or tenders, if local distributors won’t attend it, Meitrack is allowed to attend it directly; If local distributors attend it, then Meitrack should support distributor to attend, and can’t attend directly.

If you have interest to join us, welcome to send us email

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