Personnel Safety Solution

The importance of protecting lone workers who are working alone and can’t be seen or heard by another person has become a priority for many employers. The protection of the lone workers has been mandated by law in many countries. Working alone includes all employees who may go for a period of time where they do not have direct contact with a co-worker, such as gas station attendants, convenience store clerks, food outlet employees, taxi drivers, home care employees, social service workers, security guards or custodians.

Meitrack’s personnel safety solution can keep the lone workers safe. Our hardware products, including P88L and P99L, covering GSM, WCDMA and LTE Cat 1 networks, can meet various functional requirements and needs. In addition, the MS03 platform can be tailor-designed to support businesses.

Key Benefits:
– Safety: The lone worker entering a no-go zone or engaging in unsafe things can be avoided.
– Cost-savings: Make sure the lone workers operate efficiently, save on insurance premiums.
– Time-savings: Avoid time-consuming manual collection of working needed for state reports and compliance.
– Tender successfully: The companies using it ensure a greater chance of winning the tender because of the benefits.

Besides, we can locate our beloved ones on a map.


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