gps trackerfor kids Trackids, to play and protect
The Trackids device is a personal tracker for children. The device can receive command settings to monitor children’s status.- Safe and Huggable Toy for Your Kids
– Two-Way Calling & Remote Listen-in
– Set Your Own Safe Zone
– Free App and Accessible
– Water Resistant: IP66
– 140 hours stand-by time
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P66 (11)







two-way-calling Two-way calling
Choose Call on the APP main interface to implement two-way calling.
monitoring Monitoring
Choose Monitor on the APP main interface to implement monitoring.
real-time-tracking Real-time tracking
After you send a positioning command, the platform can receive positioning results.
historic-trace Historical trace
Set a time period to query children’s trace in this time period.
event-report Event report
Query an event, such as SOS, low battery, GPS blind spot, sleep, and enter/exit geo-fence events.
parameter-settings Parameter settings
Set authorized phone numbers, geo-fences, the data uploading interval and work mode.
device-status Device status
Check battery power, positioning state, device state, and location information.
device-management Device management
Devices can be added, modified, and deleted. You can manage multiple devices at the same time.
system-settings System settings
Set functions as required, including Push notification, Parse address, Language, User info, and Check update.
geo-fence Safe zone setting
You can set 8 safe zones at the same time. When kids enter or exit safe zones, an alarm generates.




Dimension 61 mm x 41 mm x 16 mm Weight 43g
Charging voltage DC charging port, DC 4.5 V–5.5 V/500 mA Standby battery 600 mAh/3.7 V, Li-polymer battery
Power consumption 56 mA standby current and 4.3 mA deep sleep Operating temperature -20°C to 55°C
Humidity 5%–95% Working hour 140 hours in power-saving mode
12 hours in normal mode
LED indicator 3 indicators showing power, GSM, and GPS status Button/Switch 2 buttons/switches
Microphone/Loudspeaker Internal microphone and loudspeaker Memory 250 KB byte
(3,000 GPRS caches and 64 SMS caches)
Sensor 3D acceleration sensor GSM frequency band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPS sensitivity -161 dB Positioning accuracy 10m




Q1: There is no response when pressing SOS. Why?

A: There are the following reasons:

  1. Make sure SIM card balance is enough.
  2. Have not set authorized phone numbers. At most 3 phone numbers are allowed to be set before SOS calling.
  3. It takes not enough time to press the button. Please press at least for 3 seconds
  4. No GSM network.

Q2: How do I wake the device up when it is in sleep mode?

A: You can use any of the following ways to wake it up:

  1. When the device detects vibration, it will automatically be woken up.
  2. Press SOS.
  3. Call or send SMS to device from APP.
  4. Check whether the device is powered off due to low battery/empty battery. If yes, pls charge the device.

Q3: Can the APP monitor multiple children?

A: Yes. Open the APP, choose Device management to add devices.

Q4: How do I charge the device?

A: You can use any of the following ways to charge it:

  1. Use the default charger (charging quicker). For the first use, please fully charge it for 8 hours.
  2. Use the Micro USB cable (charging slower), the charging port under rubber plug.

Q5: What positioning mode does the device support?

A: Supports GPS+LBS tracking.

GPS positioning is working when the GPS signal is valid. LBS(Location Based Service) is working when GPS signal is invalid. The LBS accuracy is less than GPS, normally is 50-200m depends on GSM stations around.

Q6: What’s the GPS accuracy?

A: ≥10m. GPS don’t have signal indoor. The actual accuracy users attain depends on factors such as atmospheric effects, sky blockage, and receiver quality. By the way, the military GPS more accurate than civilian GPS.

Q7: How can I determine that positioning is valid?

A: Shortly press the power button, and then check the blue GPS indicator status.

  • Off: The device is powered off or in sleep mode.
  • 1s off and 1s on: The GPS module is initializing or GPS is invalid.
  • 1s on and 5s off: GPS is valid.

Also you can check GPS icon status on APP.

Q8: How long is the standby time of the device? How to save battery power?

A: 5 minutes interval update working hours: 12 hours. Standby time: 140 hours.

Smart sleep mode can reduce power consumption. When the device is inactive for 5 minutes, it will automatically enter the smart sleep mode. When the device detects any vibration, it will be woken up and then work normally.

Q9: Is the device water resistant?

A: Yes. Water resistance IP66 is supported. The device is splash-resistant, but not all is safe to immerse in the pool.

Q10: Why the device is offline on the APP?

A: There are the following reasons:

  1. The device is in sleep mode. You can call or send ” Track now” command to wake up it from APP.
  2. There is not enough balance for the SIM card.
  3. The SIM card no GPRS traffic package or function.
  4. The device has low power or is powered off.
  5. No GSM signal.

Q11: Does the device support the two-way calling function?

A: Yes. To implement two-way calling, you can use your mobile phone to call the SIM card phone number in the device, or click “Call” on the APP. (Before using the function, set at most 3 authorized phone numbers on the APP.)

Q12: Does the device support the listen-in function?

A: Yes. Click” monitor” icon on APP.



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