MDVR Installation and
Function Test in Extreme Environments

Each MDVR developed by Meitrack has undergone extensive testing to make sure that it can work stably in various environments before it goes into production. Not long ago, we recorded the working status of the MD822S MDVR in five extreme environments on a video, such as random vibrations with a frequency of 10–500 Hz for up to 24 hours, nine half-sine pulses with a peak acceleration of 300 m/s^2, incorrect power cable connection for 5 minutes, fast high-voltage ignition, and a 70°C high temperature environment for more than 48 hours. The MD822S has passed these tests, which proves the maturity and reliability of this device. In addition, we have made MDVR installation videos in the hope of providing professional and superb technical support services for customers.

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