GPS Tracker Helps Locate Murder Victim

Below we will share an inspiring story about how helpful GPS strackers are in law inforcement.

Police in Vancouver, British Columbia, have located a body using a hidden GPS tracking device. Vancouver police had been investigating Charles Kembo for the murder of his stepdaughter in July of 2005. At a recent trial, police stated that Kembo had been under surveillance at the time of his stepdaughter’s disappearance. In addition to a listening device that police had place in Kembo’s car, a GPS tracker had also been installed underneath the car.

After following tracking signals, and searching various riverbanks, police finally uncovered a garbage bag that was floating in a nearby river. Removing six layers of garbage bags revealed the body of Kembo’s stepdaughter. Kembo was also on trial for killing his wife, mistress, and business partner (in addition to his stepdaughter), and using their identities to commit fraud. However, police were not able to trace previous murders, since Kembo’s vehicle was not being tracked at the time.

Thanks to the GPS tracking device that was attached to Kembo’s car, police finally have enough evidence to convict Kembo of murder. Without the help of the tracking device, the body of Kembo’s stepdaughter would not have been uncovered.

GPS tracking devices can be used for a number of different things – including convicting murderers. While much debate has surrounded the use of GPS trackers, one thing is for sure – murderers such as Charles Kembo would still be roaming the streets were it not for GPS tracking technology.

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