Meitrack passed the BVQI

Meitrack has focused to the development and production of the GPS tracking and innovation in technology more than ten years, especially strict quality control on the production. For this reason, the BV certification projects smoothly pass through, which has been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad.

BVQI (BureauVeritas, also known as Bureau Veritas, referred to as BV, established in 1828) under the international organization, headquartered in London specializing in quality and environment system certification and other industry standard certification. BVQI is involved in the development of the ISO9000 standard and a range of industry-standard, makes a significant contribution to the development and promotion of the standard. BVQI for system certification business experts in more than 580 offices in 154 countries around the world, is the world’s most recognized international certification bodies. Precisely because of this, BVQI certified won the most widely recognized in the international community.


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