Meitrack New Ideas in CeBIT Hannover 2013

On March 5-9, 2013, Meitrack took its latest GPS trackers to CeBIT Hannover. Every year, Meitrack takes new ideas of products and technology there to show its ICT (Information andCommunications Technology) results of the previous year.




To expand business and improve profession in GPS tracking industry, Meitrack launches three new models of GPS vehicle tracker TC68, T311 and MVT800.


OBDII Vehicle Guard – TC68

Meitrack TC68 is a GPS vehicle tracker with OBDII (On-Board Diagnostics II) functions. TC68 is compatible for all private cars and other vehicles with OBDII plug. It is free of installation, with real-time tracking and on-board diagnostics, which make it welcomed by the European market.

New Motorcycle Tracker – T311

Meitrack T311 is such a GPS tracker which suits motorcycle, scooter and electric bicycle. Its wireless remote control and buzzer help users to arm, disarm and start their vehicles remotely.

Vehicle’s Professional Care – MVT800

Meitrack MVT800 is a classical and full-scale GPS vehicle tracker which is supported by both registered customers and new customers. It is wildly used, not only for personal users, but also for company users and fleet operators to save cost and do 24/7 online tracking and monitoring.

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