Meitrack Staff’s Monthly Birthday Party in September

Shenzhen, Sep.13, 2013–How do you celebrate your birthday? Have you ever celebrated your birthday with your colleagues? Here in Meitrack , there’s a monthly birthday party for the staff whose birthdays fall in the same month, which is a valuable way for the company to establish the employee-oriented harmonious enterprise culture and to make its staff feel at home. Besides, the monthly birthday party also helps to create a mutual communication and learning platform for employees, improving the mutual understanding among colleagues. Meitrack’s monthly birthday party always makes the staff feel the warmth of a big family and the happiness of working in Meitrack.


On Sep.13th, 2013, Meitrack organized a wonderful and joyful birthday party for those who were born in September. The celebrity began at 10:15 am. The company prepared a big cake and secret birthday gifts for all the birthday staff. Everyone enjoyed the cake and the song “Happy Birthday To You” together with sweet smile on face. Finally, the gifts were granted in a special way of lucky draw, which pushed the party to a climax. The lucky draw is special because everyone who participated could obtain a present.


The music and song, the laughter and the fun made the day a special birthday for the birthday staff. It is also a special working day for the whole company.


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