GPS Chip Prevented Manhole Covers Being Stolen

(Shenzhen, China) – HangZhou Government is now employing GPS tracker to protect manhole covers from stealing. Referring to how can be this happened? It inserts the GPS chip into the manhole cover and attaches several sensors, once there is a move or the tilt angle is greater than 15 degrees, the sensors would be triggered and alarm automatically, in the meantime, a “digital positioning system” will allow authorities to track the cover down immediately.
Experts concludes that, being the fastest and biggest developing country, China is so hungry for metal, and there are two basic methods of procuring a crucial industrial metal like cooper: mining it, or processing junk until it’s pure enough to be smelted. For China, it is impossible to meet its biggest metal requirement by only relying on these two methods. Just like the metal dealers in America, they can make millions by collecting and shipping discarded American junk to China.
Foreign trade dealers are coveting this big cake, for China where already existed large scale business mode for recycling discarded metal junk. It is a considerate income for a manhole cover like industry metal. And authorities have tried various strategies to stop it happening, from covering the metal plates with nets to chaining them to street lights. Yet the problem persists. It is estimate that over 24000 manhole covers was stolen just in Beijing last year.
Numerous innocent people have died after falling down open manholes, including several toddlers. Although employing GPS technology into manhole covers increase the cost of government spending, it can prevent more tragedies from happening and save more innocent lives.
The T355 is a magnetic GPS tracker developed by Meitrack Group and newly released in 2015. It is mainly used to track goods, valuables, equipment, and other assets.
Two internal magnets make the tracker attached to the vehicle body and free of installation. If the tracker drops, a drop alarm will be generated.
The unique rugged design of the shell ensures that the GPS locator is water resistant, dustproof, shockproof, and durable. The standby time can last more than 365 days.
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