GPS System Gives Your City A Green Canopy

(Shenzhen, China) – The first impression that Downtown Louisville leaves to the public is the ruthless and cold-blooded embodiment of concrete skyscrapers. While the new project of adding more trees and purchasing GPS tracking device for trees proposed by the Erin Thompson will definitely break through the man-made jungle, open a healthy green umbrella and give you full breath of crisp and fresh air.
Louisville Urban Forester Erin Thompson mentioned that “This is a great thing because it helps revitalize some of our central business district area where we’re seeing a lot of new companies come in to develop”.
Being as a significant element of Mayor Greg Fischer’s plan to reconstruct the city’s tree canopy and efficiently improve the capability of against storm water, GPS tracking system will be procured to better manage the city’s green ecosystem. The information about each individual tree will be input by several portable devices and be stored into a database. Just like we got the information from a doctor, the location, the species, and the health condition of trees will be sent to the database either for engineers to monitor and control the whole situation.
Once this propose passed, a map of Louisville’s urban tree canopy could be created and it would be much easier for gardeners to monitor trees health, battle disease and even do some pesticide maintenance with this multifunctional GPS system.
Living under a huge green umbrella, breathing fresh air instead of automobile exhaust must be the most happiness thing ever.

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