Meitrack T622 Integrated to Gurtam Wailon Platform

Meitrack Group has recently established a partnership with Gurtam, along with completing the integration of Meitrack’s T622 GPS Tracker into Wialon’s tracking platform server. This achievement will allow us to offer customers telematics solutions for different business processes.


Gurtam, as one of the world-leading GPS-tracking solutions providers, has united a community of more than 700 hard-ware providers worldwide for 13 years. In view of several Meitrack’s devices already integrated into Wialon system, we expect more opportunities to enhance the partnership bringing for both businesses. T622 integration announcing will further present a significant milestone of both cooperation. We value this grow up!

About Gurtam
At the back of thе word Gurtam we have more than 13 years of best practice in software engineering in the area of GPS tracking and a team of talented specialists committed to the common goal. The сommunity is united by continuous advancement of the proprietary product and four offices around the world – the headquarters and development center in Minsk and sales offices in Moscow, Boston and Dubai. For more info about Gurtam, please visit

About Meitrack
Established in 2002, Meitrack, for nearly 13 years development, has become a global leading supplier of GPS trackers, M2M devices and industry solutions based on GSM technology. Meanwhile, Meitrack possess subsidiary companies in California, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Aiming at sound and stable development and adhering to the strategy of “going global”, Meitrack extends its business scopes over 170 countries and regions worldwide.For more information about Meitrack and the T622, please visit

Marketing concerned:
Meitrack-Gurtam Partner Event scheduled for June
Meitrack will attend the Gurtam Partner Conference which will be held on June 9-10 in Gurtam at the Minsk offices. The conference will have an entire day devoted to hardware issues for presenting companies product lines, and new devices to integrators. This is a perfect time to expand hardware capabilities for future and current devices. Let us meet the summer together, in Minsk!

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