Say Hello to Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

[fusion_text]This year we’re glad to once again announce another innovation, the Driver Fatigue Monitoring System. This system is anticipated to be released within the next few months and preorders will be ready at the end of July.


With a unique pupil identification technology, the Driver Fatigue Monitoring System can accurately detect a driver’s fatigue and distraction state in all weather conditions and provide an early warning for real fatigue or any form of distraction. This will help prevent accidents in a timely manner and ensure driver safety. In addition, those who have monitoring access can get intuitive driver fatigue reports from Meitrack MS03 tracking platform.

Here, we will have a look at its features in advance:
1. Keep an eye on vehicles and driver behaviors
2. Alert drivers upon detecting drowsiness
3. Easy to install
4. Monitor via web page or app
5. Driver fatigue reports

Please stay tuned for more details…[/fusion_text]

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