The MD811H 8-channel 1080P Mobile Digital Video Recorder is Coming Soon

A new innovative product, the MD811H 8-channel 1080P mobile digital video recorder (MDVR), will be officially released in the early of March. Adopting the high-performance processor and Linux operating system, the MD811H constitutes an important part of the wireless vehicle video surveillance system that uses H.264 video compression/decompression, GPS positioning and wireless data transmission technologies. Compared with the MDVRs released previous years ago, the MD811H has a capability to deliver more outstanding image quality videos (1080P). The MDVR remains the advantages of GPS tracking and adds DVR functions, and its live tracking platform MS03 developed independently by Meitrack integrates video surveillance with GPS tracking. Therefore, the device is now perfect for monitoring vehicles that require continuous video surveillance, such as buses, long-distance coaches, taxis, logistics vehicles, armored cars, private cars, and commercial vehicles.


The MD811H can be installed with a hard disk and a SD card, and it is equipped with a hard disk lock to ensure that only authorized users have access to the videos captured. Once connected to a network, the unit can monitor a maximum of eight cameras at one time and provide video recordings of all the activities in and around your vehicles. Recorded videos can be searched and played back based on the channel, recording type, or time.

The device can log G-force data and read CAN Bus data including braking, speeding, turning left, turning right, etc. In addition, users are allowed to play videos via the MS03 platform or MT Player software anytime and anywhere. Users can also customize a virtual geographic boundary and will be alerted if a vehicle travels out of range. To realize more expanded functions, the MDVR can be connected to multiple types of peripherals, such as the fuel level sensor, temperature sensor, RFID reader, iButton reader, LED display, etc.

Featured highlights of the MD811H:
1. Dual systems: MDVR + tracker
2. 8-channel 1080P live video recording
3. High stability
4. OSD overlay for video recording
5. All-in-one MS03 platform
6. Upload data via 4G, WiFi, or Ethernet

Learn more about the new-generation MD811H MDVR.

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