High Quality GPS Tracker Prenvent Tragedy from Happening

(Shenzhen, China) – According to an article: Faulty GPS tracking devices and overworked state parole agents led to the death of a young woman whose mangled body was found at an Anaheim trash recycling center, according to a lawsuit filed by the victim’s mother.
Jodi Pier-Estepp alleges in the suit that the state did not adequately […]

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Righteous “GPS” Guides “Drunk” Couple to Meet Police

(Shenzhen, China) – According to a report: After a crazy and relaxing party, a drunken couple was intended to drive to a hotel for a night, while a GPS tracker turned the result into a totally different situation.
A 41-year-old man named Richard Schnee and A 44 years-old-Ardean named Ardean Marie have been arrested in New […]

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GPS Trackers Lead Police to Robbery Suspects

(Shenzhen, China) – According to a report: GPS tracking devices played in a key role in police quickly apprehending two men suspected of robbing Landmark Credit Union, 6219 Washington Ave., with a gun Monday morning.
Police were able to catch suspects Andrea Ashford, 50, of Racine and Ottoway Murphy, 35, of Racine, within 90 minutes of […]

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Using GPS Tracker to Decrease Violence Happening Again

(Shenzhen, China) – It was said that the domestic violence occurrences appears to be improving in Australia and most of offenders are recidivism according to the research carried by the Government of Australia in 2014. What surprising us is that, in terms of ABS data, the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research found that […]

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GPS Tracker Applied by Polices to Prevented Frauds

(Shenzhen, China) – According to consumerist, We’ve been teaching and learning from all kinds of channels how to protect ourselves from frauds but the result always ended as a tragedy, such as the information of your credit card will be collected once you wipe them at ATMs and gas pumps. The actions we take couldn’t […]

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2015 Meitrack Distribution Conference on Chinese-Philippine Cooperation

May 14th, 2015, Shenzhen, China – Meitrack Group, a global leading GPS tracker manufacturer and solution supplier, has announced its complete success on Chinese-Philippine Distribution Conference which had been held on 13-14th May, 2015, at Meitarck Group Building, opening a new chapter after several years marketing in Philippine region.
In the conference, representatives of Meitrack Group, […]

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New GPS Means Hyper Accurate Virtual Reality

(Shenzhen, China)-As anyone who has ever missed a freeway exit while relying on navigation software can tell you, even at its best GPS is something of a guess. With a margin of error of around a few feet, GPS is can be decent enough for guiding cars on roads, but the wide range limits GPS […]

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How GPS Protect Birds From Flying Into Wind Turbines?

(Shenzhen, China) – Birds have a bad habit of flying directly into big machines, like planes or wind turbines. This phenomenon, dubbed “bird strike,” usually ends, badly for our feathered friends. But the key to saving these doomed birds could be another bird.
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has recruited a 15-year-old peregrine falcon named Houdini […]

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The Prospection of Future Farming: GPS, Drones and Robot.

(Shenzhen, China) – Can you imagine how amazing the GPS technology was used to change our world?
Recently, Alex Thomasson, Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M University, has a conversation to talk about the future of farming by using GPS, Drones and Robot.
Today’s agriculture has transformed into a high-tech enterprise that most 20th-century […]

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Is that right to make GPS tracker illegal?

(Shenzhen, China) – Some lawmakers in the state house and the senate firmly insist that GPS tracker is another secret method of stalking which should be prohibited. While others hold different opinions about this issues, especially some private investigators.
As a senior private investigator, one different opinion holder, Thomas Fischer mentions that sometimes personal GPS trackers […]

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