Meitrack Group Gives Hope to Sick Syrian Children

On 20 May 2016, Meitrack Group launched a fundraising initiative for charity that helps Syrian children suffering from rare diseases. It was a joyful occasion as Meitrack showed compassion, love, and sensitivity to many unfortunate children. On 1 June, Syrian children received the gathered donations and underwent operations with the assistance of Chinese volunteers.


Five Syrian children (from left to right in the second row): Omar Amer (3 years old), Hamza Ghassar (5 years old), Khaled Hariri (20 months old), Alaa Eissa (11 years old), Mohammad Siasmeh (20 months old)

The year 2016 marked the fifth year anniversary of the Syrian Civil War. Millions of Syrians have been forced to flee their homes. Already many refugees have been moving around Jordan and Turkey. Children who are born in Syria after 15 March 2011 have been put at risk by conflicts, unrelenting violence, shortages of essential supplies, and ruined schools and hospitals. In refugee camps, the majority of children are hard to have access to medicine or adequate medical treatment. In their daily life, they suffer from different diseases, such as eye diseases and hernia, and need urgent operations. We hope to do all we can to help them regain health.

Our corporate social responsibility program is built upon our belief that the impact of our business is felt by society as a whole. We have been contributing to the society with the benefit from the society. We hope to deliver more positive energy to a constantly changing world.

Finally, thank you to all whom attended or generously gave to give wellness for vulnerable children.

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