Cheers to 2014: Annual Dinner Party & 3rd Anniversary of Meitrack USA

Meitrack USA (Meitek Inc, a subsidiary of Meitrack Group) celebrated 3rd anniversary on Dec 30th, 2013. This annual dinner party is an opportunity to give thanks to our employees and their family.

US branch anual anniversary_Meitrack

Meitrack USA is found in El Monte, California in 2010, committed to provide perfect GPS tracking solutions for individuals, small-sized, medium-sized and large-sized business groups in the United States.

The CEO of Meitrack Group came all the way from China to join the great party to give thanks to our employees. He made an address, concluding the great success we had made in 2013 and providing an outlook of the future of Meitrack USA. During the ceremonial feast, the CEO bid 2013 farewell and proposed a toast to our big family for a happy new year in 2014.

Meitrackus anniversary_Meitrack

We believe happy employees bring better services.

Meitrack USA believes in employee diversity.

Meitrack USA believes in employee equality.

Meitrack USA believes in employee communication and development.

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