Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan Benefits From Meitrack’s Advanced GPS Tracker – T1

Guangdong, SZ (July 17, 2014), Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan will purchase 2500 sets of Meitrack’s advanced GPS tracker – T1 to improve public transportation operation and safety of Tashkent.

advanced gps tracker-t1

Nowadays, congestion and safety are the two biggest problems that public transportation faces. Meitrack Group is always dedicated to solving the two problems. GPS tracker T1, a high-end vehicle GPS tracker, is designed for industrial vehicles (such as logistics cars, armored cars, and fleet vehicles) for anti-theft, tracking, and fleet management. With the Meitrack-developed tracking platform MS02, the T1 can track fleet status in real time.
Additionally, Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan will purchase 150 GPS antennas and GSM antennas respectively from Meitrack Group. The whole purchase plan is issued by Uzbekistan president for better transport system.

Visit the following resources for more details:
Advanced GPS tracker- T1
The Purchase Plan of Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan

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