MT90 GPS Tracker Uses in Sports

GPS tracking is an innovative technology. Popular uses and applications of GPS trackers can be summed up in one word: safety. Safety means two things: personal safety and business safety. Nowadays, with the development of GPS tracking technology, more and more areas and industries uses GPS tracking devices. One area that the GPS trackers are now being used is in sports.

meitrack randomrace

Random Race with MT90 GPS tracker
RandomRace is an adventurous race, with the main purpose to find GPS trackers, randomly distributed across the open territory. This unique project was supported by Global Position and EuroMobile (provided the GPS tracker – Meitrack MT90). The teams gather in a pre-arranged place. Random Race organizers launch quite a number of balloons in the air. Every balloon contains GPS tracker and helium. For several hours the trackers (here also referred to as Control Points) are flying in the air, successfully gone with the wind, and the teams try to notice their directions. Then the balloons burst and Control Points, equipped with parachutes, land. All the team members have GPS navigation devices, defining the landed trackers’ locations. The challenge is to find Control Points as more as possible.

randomrace mt90 gps tracker

What the MT90 GPS tracker does?
1) Flow with the wind, must work stably in low temperature.
2) Down with the parachute, must be waterproof if down in the water.
3) Gives the location, must be exact and have a long life battery.

All in all, Random Race opening showed that the contest has brilliant prospects and attracts lots of active people. Also showed that GPS trackers are useful in sports, not just obtain information and analyze data.
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