Meitrack MT90 GPS Tracker Uses in Bike Race

We have recently mentioned that our personal GPS tracker MT90 is used in Random Race, and today we will bring you a new story about MT90 used in one of the largest and most significant bike events of the Northern Capital of Russia, which is organized by the «Forum Search» club for the 16th consecutive year.

EuroMobile, Gurtam partner in Saint-Petersburg, decided to conduct their own testing and compare the performance of 7 popular personal trackers at the race distance, comprising 60 km. And we are glad to see EuroMobile specialists say that the best impression was produced by Meitrack MT90 among these 7 testing personal tracking devices.

Meitrack MT90 GPS Tracker Uses in Bike Race

During the test, the professionals figured out that the most convenient configurator is represented by Meitrack MT90 personal tracker. It’s absolutely clear and user-friendly, so the «racers» faced no difficulties configuring the device. In the aspect of historical driving trace tracking, the best track was shown by Meitrack MT90, which having the intelligent tracking function, depicted all the slightest moves of the racer. Passing the turns, the tracker performed very well and depicted sharp turns very clearly.


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Bike race as a playground for personal trackers independent testing — drawing results

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