Sunny Weather!Leisure Weekend!

GUANGDONG, SZ (October 25, 2014)- After a high pressure and heavy tasks week, understandable that our colleagues are both tired in body and in mental. Meitrack Group organized an excursion on last Saturday in XiChong Beach in order to let our heart and mind have a break. Our big family is made up by almost 100 colleagues from R&D Dept, FAE Dept, IT Dept, Factory, Marketing Dept, and subsidiary Joyntech (Shenzhen).

Stay away from noisy city and freely breathe the fresh air, our beautiful holiday starts from a fervent tug-of-war game. We have four groups representing four colors respectively. All Participants are excited and couldn’t wait to have a big fight. While after several furious rounds, it seems that the ropes can’t bear our enthusiasm which broke into two pieces, LOL.

Each struggling faces are the most beautiful scenery in the world. Nothing could equal the moment that we could fully devot into the game and freely enjoy the excellent sensory.

Following is the most welcome barbecue time, maybe the food we cooked by ourself is specially delicious and meanful, smelling and enjoyable faces are everywhere.

Four-legged race is aimed to test the spirit of cooperation and hand-foot coordination, finally International Business Department successfully picks the NO.1 crown.

Showering in the sunset, family picture was took to record our unforgettable happy memory. We even don’t want to leave when swimming in the beautiful early autumn scene given by the nature.

Sweated but feeling sweet in heart. Wandering in the happy memory, and take a comfortable snap in the return bus.

This kind of activity build up our body, meanwhile strongly deepen colleagues’ trust and friendship. Hoping in the following days we could work harder and more efficient to achieve high level success and make more contributions to our Meitrack Group.

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