GPS Tracker Testifying Illegal Logger’s behavior

GUANGDONG, SZ (November 3, 2014)GPS tracker has been used to locate illegal loggers’ vehicles.

In a survey by Brazil media shows that immoderately illegal logging in Amazon Forest causing the severe water scarcity and continuous deteriorated drought in Southeast area.

According to the researcher Antonio Nobre in Brazil CCST- Inpe, the Sharp decline of Amazon Forest block the convection of moist air floating from North to South, reducing the annual precipitation. From 1970 to 2013, woods exploitation and endless logging behavior, about 762 thousand square kilometers frost has been cruelly destroyed. The severer the forest has been damaged the longer the drought period will be. No precipitation, serious drought will be the definite result. Chain reaction and threatens caused by immoderate logging are actual existing, effective measures must has to be taken because it is the last chance for people to repair.

Although the efforts against deforestation have always been emphasized, greedy loggers still unscrupulously killing the forest. Environmentalist’s work haven’t got the permission by the official, all those protection activities are preceded secretly. They firstly installed the GPS devices to the suspicious vehicles, and then take the helicopter to track down those illegal loggers.

Greenpeace firstly took two months to monitor vehicles, compare to those legal points and finally confirm those illegal ones. Suspicious vehicles would be installed strong magnetic GPS tracker, thus locate information would be tracked down and it is the first time Greenpeace ever takes this kind of GPS technology.

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