How GPS Technology Assist Dementia Sufferers?

(Shenzhen, China) – According to CTV News, a project named “The Locator Device Project” was carried out recently by the researchers in the University of Alberta which continued almost 6 months. The aim of this project was to testify the positive effects which GPS technology would benefit dementia sufferers.

One participant Allison shared one of her horrible experience of being lost when she receiving the interview with CTV News. She was planned to go to the library while completely lost and feel hopeless just after she simply turned a around. Now with the help of a GPS tracker, as a 53 year-old senior woman with cognitive impairments she is capable of wandering more than 1 km alone. Her husband Tim Warman said that they don’t have to worry all the time about where is Allison, is she safe or not and now he is happy that Allison can do whatever she wants freely.

Having a GPS tracker with the geo-alarm function, once Allison goes beyond the preset area Tim would immediately receive an alert message which including a map shows the exact position information and the speed Allison is in. In case of any emergency happens such as fall down on the ground Allison could simply press the SOS button on the device to call those preset contact numbers seek for help.

Numerous elder people and patients go missing every year and tragedies keep happening such as death as without in time rescue.

The rapid development GPS technology will protect the growing number of dementia patients from dangerous accidents and live in a relatively safe environment.

With a GPS tracker in hand, give family a peaceful of mind.


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