How GPS Tracker Assist Autism Sufferers?

(Shenzhen, China) – According to AMNewYork, a tragedy was happened in October 2013, a 14-year-old boy named Avonte Oquendo with autism was found dead after running out of his Queens School. The poor boy’s mother Vaness Fontaine now is trying her best to advocate and promote for a voluntary tracking program to public.

Not long ago a federal program was successfully passed which target to benefit the family to find elder who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Vaness Fontaine, as Schumer’s guest, assist to push a bill which created to help teach and train the families with autism children and buy GPS tracker for them. The GPS tracker can give real-time feedback and detailed position to guardian, and equipped with SOS alarm function, two-way calling function help guardian better accompany their children.

Schumer said in the address that, “Avonte’s running away was not just an isolated incident. Running away among children and teens with autism is more common than you might think if you don’t have a child with autism.”

With the effort of Schumer and Vaness finally a bill named Avonte’ Law was successfully enacted, which including $10 million to assist local law enforcement agencies to buy GPS tracker for those autism children families, and organize various activities and lessons to those kids teach them how to seek help when they lost in case of them run out of guardian’s protection area.

Firmly believe that such beneficial law would end numerous tragedies like Avonte’s.

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