CeBIT 2015 Hannover: Meitrack New GPS Tracker Show Time

(Shenzhen, China) – CeBIT has been a significant annual event for Meitrack to attend. Numerous clients who dedicated and interested in GPS business pouring into this one of most important and popular trade show to witness those newest innovations and leading technologies flowers blooming in the air.
This year CeBIT will be held on March 16-20 “Under the featured “d!conomy” theme, CeBIT 2015 is addressing the ubiquitous digitization that is ever more strongly shaping our workaday and personal lives: Big Data, cloud computing, mobile access and social and security issues are increasingly interrelated and having major impact on business and society. Most recently it is the Internet of Things and all-encompassing networking that are strongly driving the development of business models, manufacturing processes and products – in every economic sector.”
All of Meitrack sales representatives will be on hand sincerely welcome your visiting. New surprises and newly upgrade GPS Trackers waiting for you to dig up!
The Trackids, a professional personal tracker focused on child safety, will be officially released during the exhibition. Several features including “adorable and huggable toy-like realtime gps tracker” which would be the guardian angel ensuring kids’ safety in every seconds and kids would love to carry them hang out, “SOS button” is designed to send out alert to preset authorized number, “two-way calling” which not just support a short period record but two side interaction. The MT90 is a tracker which always in a period that continuously chasing perfection and challenges. Automatic detection function for “man down” is specially designed for any emergency occurs around elder people. The T355 is a magnetic vehicle GPS tracker developed by Meitrack Group and newly released in 2015. Two internal magnets make the tracker attached to the vehicle body and totally free of installation. The unique rugged design of the shell ensures that the tracker is water resistant, dustproof, shockproof, and durable. The standby time can last more than 365 days. The T333 fitting 3G network which could benefits timely connections and fast communication with the tracker user. In addition to real-time location tracking, the T333 has two-way calling and remote listen-in functions. cebit-newsBooth information of Meitrack Group in CeBIT 2015
Expo Name: CeBIT 2015
Expo Time: March 16-20, 2015
Exhibitor: Meitrack Group
Booth Site: Hall 13, B20
Stop by and with us enjoy this wonderful GPS experience!

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