Is that right to make GPS tracker illegal?

(Shenzhen, China) – Some lawmakers in the state house and the senate firmly insist that GPS tracker is another secret method of stalking which should be prohibited. While others hold different opinions about this issues, especially some private investigators.
As a senior private investigator, one different opinion holder, Thomas Fischer mentions that sometimes personal GPS trackers do save their life and benefit crime cases. In most cases, those private investigator victims are mainly those who used GPS tracker. One real case could better testify this opinion, because an arrest could be successfully implemented and tracked as a personal GPS locator has been installed in a cab.
While State Rep. Neylon says, “We don’t believe it is right to allow private investigators to do the same thing we’d require law enforcement officers to get a warrant to do.”
Even thought this issue has been discussed heatedly and created significant repercussions, the legitimacy is stilled voted down.

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