Righteous “GPS” Guides “Drunk” Couple to Meet Police

(Shenzhen, China) – According to a report: After a crazy and relaxing party, a drunken couple was intended to drive to a hotel for a night, while a GPS tracker turned the result into a totally different situation.
A 41-year-old man named Richard Schnee and A 44 years-old-Ardean named Ardean Marie have been arrested in New Jersey on Sunday night. According to authorities, two drunken drivers their GPS tracker wrongly directed them to “visited” the police station in Montgomery Country.
Unexpected visitors suddenly stopped by the police station attracting police’s strict interrogation.Actually Schee was heading to Hilton Garden Inn, however the GPS equipment in Smith’s vehicle directed two vehicles to police station.
Strong smell of alcohol coming from these two men arising police’s doubts, after a field sobriety test, these two “lucky” men gives themselves a reason have a meaningful night in prison.
An authority says, “We don’t know how this whole accident would happen, but this helped clear two drunk people off the street. Kept our streets a little bit safer and was an easy arrest for our officers, maybe this righteous GPS tracker couldn’t stand witnessing tragedy anymore.”

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