How GPS Technology Protect Ancient Trees

(Shenzhen, China) – Previously how GPS technology is used to creating a green canopy for a concrete skyscrapers standing city in Louisville have been mentioned. Meanwhile, in China GPS technology is also applied to better manage and protect ancient trees.
According to a government official in Hunan Province, almost 242 trees are under health conditions re-examination, after that, those ancient trees will be recorded again via GPS positioning technology.
Examining seeds, ages, trunk’s diameter and trees itself are the main content for this health conditions re-examination, once the re-examination is done trees will be marked on the map with detailed latitude and longitude and the input into geo-information management system (CIS).
“Dynamic management and protection will be activated once CIS is established with GPS technology, staff could arrive at the scene in no time and finish maintenance if there any damages happened to those ancient trees,” said by one official, to build a complete CIS and digitalized management for precious tree species are the are the main purpose of adopting GPS technology.
Ancient trees with health conditions will be inserted with a chip which including the information of ages, related families and conditions, etc. and in the same time applying GPS system to protect ancients in an all-around way.
“When to clip, fertilize, spray pesticides and even who is the responsible man for this area will be showed after just one click on mouse.” Adopting GPS technology, each ancient tree will be re-calculated with GPS coordinate and based on which digital documents will be set up for intelligent information management. Around landscapes, varieties of trees, ages, height, trunk’s diameter, canopy, growing conditions, management conditions, humanity and historic values are all involved in this CIS and will be divided into routine management by GPS technology.
According to statistics, there are existing 35 kinds of tree species and among 242 ancient trees , there are 12 trees above 500 years old which belong to the first-grade State protection trees, 22 trees aging from 300 to 499 years are the second-grade State protection trees, 208 the third-grade protection trees. Accurate digital coordinate and comprehensive document will be established with GPS technology and related data collection.

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