Isolated MERS Patients were Repatriated by GPS Technology

(Shenzhen, China) – According to Yonhap, the government of South Korea has taken powerful measurements to curb further severely spread of MERS virus and almost 2900 schools have closed down. Under such serious circumstances, however, a mid-aged female MERS isolated patient unexpectedly invited friends to play golf abroad in the mid-night just as she felt bored at home. Eventually, the police successfully repatriated them to Seoul with the assistance of GPS technology.
South Korean officials announced one more death in the country’s MERS outbreak Thursday, raising the total death toll to 23. Three new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) were also announced, bringing the total number to 165 — 17 of whom are in an “unstable” condition, according to South Korea’s Ministry of Health.
The number of people under quarantine in South Korea, both in their own homes or in quarantine facilities, rose to 6,729.
“I couldn’t stand always staying at home if I don’t go to the hospital,” this 51 years old female said. On the 2nd June, 15 people including her husband smuggled from Seoul to Jeollabuk-do to play golf. As the local sanitation department failed to contact this lady, the police finally found them until 19:00 in the golf club and repatriated to Seoul with the aid of GPS technology.
Continuous negligence on the controlling of MERS, its citizens feels greatly anxious about the whole situation.
MERS may not sound dangerous, but it’s now a growing concern. And it’s everyone’s responsibility to do something for it. In this case, GPS technology played its role perfectly.

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