See How GPS Tracker does Farmer a Favor

(Shenzhen, China) – With the soaring accumulation of GPS technology and actual experiences, continuous innovations and potential actual applications have been explored to benefit human beings. Referring to the benefits for farmers, paddock fencing can be replaced by geo-fences on the map on the computer, the scope of grass measuring devices can be broaden, more poor and cute calves can be saved with real-time monitoring features.
Scientists are on the cusp of commercializing the same technology that has been used in dog collars to keep dogs from roaming outside their owner’s property.
In the farm, a portable GPS tracker will be worn on each cow. The farmer can freely draw polygon-geofences on their computer to set actual boundaries, once the cow move out of the zones in the field, an alert will be generate to notify the farmer, and a chock similar to that off an electric wire will be sent to stimulate cows.
This kind of stimulation can somehow let cows or other animals develop a conditional reflex not to go beyond the invisible boundaries subconsciously.
“This system requires no infrastructure at all, except fencing around the outside of the farm to keep other people’s animals out,” said lead researcher, Christina Umstatter.
However, researchers are still working on developing an affordable power source for the device. One tough question need to be solved is how to invent long life battery which can be used at least six months.
For the issues what the farmer cares mostly is how to keep calves or animals from losing. While with the help of GPS tracker, only if there any accidents happen to calves such as when the cow’s tail was raised for a prolonged period an alarm will be sent to the farmer’s phone.
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