MS03 – Upgraded Experience!

(Shenzhen, China) – Meitrack today announced the release of its latest and upgraded GPS tracking platform, MS03. Order placed will start on 1st August.
MS03 is the newest GPS tracking platform which innovated from Meitrack Group. Extensive programming combined with an esthetically designed user interface (UI), giving the MS03 platform a much more user friendly experience. The platform consists of an extendable database, which ultimately can meet various functional requirements.
Large application usage has been simplified and multiple expansion functions are possible!
Database Reconstruction:
-MS03 supports Meiligao, Meitrack and other protocols.
-Tracker data can be read in real time, simplifying maintenance.
-Support unlimited-layer account management.
-Support the module defining function. Functions can be customized required by users.
Code Reconstruction:
-MS03 web version is developed based on objected-oriented mode.
-Same codes can be used for multiple projects.
-Allow to compile codes freely and develop the functions as needed.
UI Improvement:
-Esthetically designed user interface (UI).
-Customizing the UI by using a template is possible.

More details about MS03 charging policy or any questions and enquires, directly email for more!

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