GPS Tracking Technology Helps Car Owner Recover His Car

Having your car lost is awful. Just awful. But, as I learned not long ago, it’s not entirely hopeless. Meitrack customer did get his lost car back by using its vehicle tracking device MVT340.

On February 15, 2017, we received a lost car report from our partner UAE ZTCO Group Company, who provided our vehicle tracking units for a car rental agency in UAE Abu Dhabi several years ago. A ZTCO engineer said, “The lost car owner installed Meitrack GPS tracker MVT340 5 years ago. After logging in to Meitrack tracking system, we pinpointed the car’s coordinate. However, no target car is found.” Finally, ZTCO decided to work with Meitrack to find the lost car. After further troubleshooting, we found that the location information will be updated only when the engine is switched on due to the device parameter settings. We reset the device parameters to get the car’s location at any time. Fortunately, the lost car is recovered on 19 February.

P [The car was moved from spot A (the place that ZTCO Group pinpointed) to Spot B].

For many people, their car is not just a convenience, but it is a necessity. A GPS tracking device will keep track of your car at all times and recover it as quickly as possible. This will help protect your car, save your money and time, and give you a peace of mind. Choose Meitrack to keep tabs on your valuables.

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