Meitrack Releases the Passenger Counting System

Accurate and reliable transit data for public or private transportation companies becomes more and more important. Although certain information can be provided by fare collection system, this information is inaccurate to some extent depending on the method of fare collection. To respond to market demands, Meitrack comes up with its own Passenger Counting System.


The passenger counting system consists of a passenger counter, two stereo cameras, MVT600 vehicle tracker and Meitrack MS03 tracking platform. This system is designed for counting the number of passengers that get on and get off buses. Under standard environments, the passenger counting system can reach an accuracy of 95%. Two stereo cameras are installed at both the front and rear doors at the same height level. When passengers enter or exit the door, they break an infrared beam, which causes the configuration software to record the number of passengers. After that, you can get the counting reports from MS03 tracking platform, including the date, time, number of passengers getting on/off the bus from the front door, number of passengers getting on/off the bus from the rear door and total passenger number. The reports that the system gathers are an effective way to determine passenger load for the purpose of adjusting driving routes and operating time to prevent overloading of the vehicles, and thus reduce operating costs.

This system provides the following key features:

  1. More than 95% accuracy
  2. Work in completely dark environments
  3. Automatically generate reports
  4. Monitor service quality
  5. Optimize vehicle load across regions, time periods, or other factors

See more details about the system: Passenger Counting System.

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