P66 Personal Tracker Upgraded for Better Experience

(Shenzhen, China, March 23, 2018) – Meitrack today unveils the upgraded compact and lightweight model P66 for the purposes of man down detection, personal positioning and tracking, asset tracking and anti-theft. This extends the product portfolio of personal safety solutions and provides upgraded experience for users.


The P66 has a sturdy outer housing making it IP66 water resistant, dustproof, and durable. On the front side of this unit, there is only one big button. It is designed to be user friendly especially for the elderly and children. One touch of the button, sends a signal for help in case of an emergency. The operation center can quickly pinpoint GPS positions and provide assistance in a timely manner. In addition, the P66 has a built in sensor in order to detect falling which is done after the unit falls to the ground, the buzzer will make sounds and the device will vibrate. If no button is pressed during a specific period, a man down alert will be generated and the unit will call a pre-programed contact.

The P66 GPS tracker supports 3 working modes: Long Standby, SOS Mode, and Normal Mode, which make the device more efficient reducing power consumption and extend battery life. Its longest standby time can reach up to 10 days. The default working mode is Long Standby Mode, in which users can set at most 24 time points for the device depending on their preferences. This will automatically send positioning data at only the preset time points to the tracking platform. In the SOS mode, the device will send alerts and location information only when the SOS button is pressed. A noteworthy fact is that the man down alert was designed to only work while the SOS mode is on, and it will not work with any other setting.

Here are some of the highlights of the P66:
1. Up to 10 days of battery life
2. 3 working modes tailored to users’ needs
3. IP66 water resistant
4. Man down alert
5. Compact and lightweight design
6. 2 years free for MS03 Basic platform

Find out more about the device from Meitrack mini GPS tracker P66.

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