Colombia Police using Meitrack Products in Criminal Surveillance

GPS tracking technology proves to be a useful tool in various industries and even for personal use. Seeing the benefits of GPS tracking, more police departments are using this technology in the fight against crime. In recent months, the Cali police from Colombia incorporated the MT90G trackers from Meitrack to help with the surveillance and response time of their patrol cars. This was done in order to help improve performance, increase success rate of their operations, and provide better service to the local community.

The trackers are in use by local establishments throughout the city in hopes of having citizens report crimes as they happen, thus increasing the responsiveness of the police. The devices are equipped with a panic button which can be pressed in any type of emergency, relaying the information and location to the proper authorities. Once the alert has been received by authorities, the central office can dispatch the closest police unit cutting down the response time. The overall goal for this program is to help business fight crime by making it easy to report in real time, decreasing the police unit response time and deterring would be criminals from targeting local businesses.

After the implementation of this solution, this event has been highly praised in the Colombia media. Here are some links of the news about MT90G that is being announced in Colombia:

Here are two important questions for you all:
How to activate the SOS button?
Press and hold down the button for 2 seconds in the case of emergency.
How to send an alert?
After the SOS button is pressed, the device will beep once and vibrate. Then an SOS alert will be sent to the central office. Once receiving the alert, the central office can easily dispatch the closest police unit to the potential crime scene.

Find out more about the device from Meitrack Small GPS Tracker MT90G.

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