Meitrack Integrates LoRa Wireless Technology into GPS Smart Lock K211G

In a previous publication we introduced the newly developed GPS smart lock K211G. Now we will focus on LoRa, an LPWA communication technology to see how the lock works under this working mode.


Semtech Corporation developed LoRa, which is an abbreviation for a patented long range digital wireless data communication technology. The technology uses license-free radio frequency bands to provide long-range data transmission of up to 15 kilometers with low power consumption.

Meitrack’s smart lock supports LoRa communication which is specially designed for lock monitoring and management of box trucks, trailers and containers. Usage of the smart lock allows for the integrity of doors to be constantly monitored, gather tracking information, and know lock status while receiving real-time warning alerts. These features help prevent cargo from being stolen and replaced during transportation. To facilitate the monitoring and management of multiple K211G smart locks, a T399G GPS vehicle tracker can be integrated to facilitate things. When the K211G communicates with the T399G via LoRa, the K211G’s power-saving mode is then activated, which helps maximize the battery life up to 78 days without interruption. After LoRa is connected, the GPS and GSM modules of the K211G enter the sleep mode, and its lock status information and alerts will be uploaded to the server through the T399G. The T399G vehicle tracker can be connected to a maximum of (30) K211G devices at the same time. In addition, the K211G can share the extended functions of the T399G, such as identifying individual drivers and monitoring fuel level, temperature and driver fatigue.

Key features of LoRa wireless technology:

  1. Long-range data transmission
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Data security
  4. High capacity
  5. Low cost

Learn more about the all new K211G GPS Smart Lock.

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