ms03 MS03
Meitrack Family GPS Tracking System
The MS03, third-generation Meitrack GPS Tracking System, is a server-based online positioning tracking platform. You can monitor vehicles, people, and objects equipped with trackers in real time on web pages. This facilitates remote management.
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11 300+ functions customizable
With self-owned sourcing code, we can customize almost every function for you.
Place your own logo, login in from your own website, on our server.
33 Account control management
Unlimited authorization to your account and sub-account.
44 4 configuration methods
Use our professional software Meitrack Manager, or use OTA by website/APP, or simply send a SMS.
66 Multi-screen monitoring
Manage your fleet from anywhere, PC, Laptop, or even on your mobile phone, you can do all three at the same time.
6564 Multi-lingual
Support English, Spanish, Thai, Japanese, Farsi and etc.
24/7 technical support
Provide 24/7 technical service in 5 languages.
4545455 Economical
Quickly start tracking business at a low investment.





User Interface




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 454545 User Name: demo
 66565 Password: demo


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 You can view tracker’s historical information.Reports and alarm information are available for statistics and analysis. You can create and manage accounts for your customers, and quickly start tracking business at a low investment.