Launch and Meitrack: Win-Win Cooperation

On 18th June, Shenzhen Launch Tech Co., Ltd held its 20th anniversary ceremony and forum in Convention and Exhibition Center with a theme of Cloud Application in Vehicle Network. Meitrack was honorably invited to this ceremony and brought our new product – Meitrack Vehicle Guide to the public, which is a win-win cooperation between Meitrack and Launch.


Vehicle maintenance companies and private car owners have come into the Cloud era. Users can realize diagnostics about vehicle error, driving behavior, vehicle exhaustion and so on. The highlight of this win-win cooperation is the new product combines Launch’s experience in OBD with Meitrack’s advantage in GPS tracking, thus to better provide both maintenance and protection for the car and car owner’s safety. So it’s no doubt that Meitrack Vehicle Guide attracted huge attention from the guests who spoke highly of this innovation combining both OBDII and GPS tracking. This new product is believed to have great potential in the market.

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