New Product Launch OBDII-TC68

August 15, 2012, 2012 Internet of Things (IOT) New Product Launch was successfully held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the conference lasted for two days. 42 enterprises related with IOT have attended this new product launches, displaying the newly developed 60 new products, many of them of new products, technical standards, such as the Meitrack, zebra and other enterprises to international and domestic advanced level, show the top level of the industrial development of things.In the venue of 2012 IOT new product launch, Meitrack has introduced a piece of new product “Car Guards OBDII”, and audiences showed great interest in new products on the Internet of Things. Not only to carefully listen to the characteristics of new products, and to seize the interactive sessions, a variety of related issues and questions to new product have been raised from the audiences, some listeners more directly went to Meitrack’s booth B75-B76 personally experience the new product.

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