GPS Tracking System-Monitoring or Improving?

GUANGDONG, SZ (November 14, 2014) – In JDSUPRA’s News Report among 322 million cellular users more than 90 percent install GPS system tracking devices in their mobile phones to benefit them obtain highly accurate position information and continuously updated location data of any movement.

The widely usage of smart mobile phones boast various invention and application of newly phone technologies which bring numerous conveniences, such as online shopping, online reading, and even online ordering meals, etc. while the GPS technology used in cellular phones could help individual manage schedule, record their daily travels with just several clicks on the screen of the phone. However, causing too many Phubbing is so addicted to smart phones resulted in low work efficiency , an increasing number employer trying to monitor employees’ position and movement via GPS technology installed in mobile phones to increase their work efficiency, productivity and accountability.

From employees respective, this kind of monitor action posing great threaten to their personal privacy right. While if it is for workplace, the effective role of GPS tracker could be fully played, employer could easily get the latest information about the drivers and car’s situation, ensuring the safety of the business traveling staff. It is a way on the one hand could monitor employee’s work, and on the other hand better protects personal safety in case any accidents occurred.  Meanwhile the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution grant such tracking constitutes is lawful by saying this action is “protect people, not places”, properly using wouldn’t violate personal privacy. What has to be emphasized that the monitoring practices are only exactly prohibited when employers legally obtain information and collect data on business purposes.

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