GPS Tracker Benefit Fishermen

GUANGDONG, SZ (November 26, 2014) – GPS tracking technology is not only bind to offical issues, vehicle locating, and asset tracking, now it has been used for ensuring people’s personal security.

Fresh things happened in Southeast Asia, without clear International Maritime Boundary Line between India and Sri Lanka, caused 38 fishermen from Tamil Nadu were put into Sri Lankan prison for illegal crossing boundary. This kind of issues caused several inconveniences to the normal family and to the government.

Nowadays, troubles have been perfectly sloved, as fishermen in Tamil Nadu successfully applied GPS tracking system to assist them to navigate and track where they exactly are. Only if they are too close to the boundary, the will immediately get an alarm from the GPS tracker they are using. Meanwhile, via GPS the will clearly know how far they are to the International Boundary Line and whether they are crossing or fishing in unauthorized areas.

Limited available fishing space, resulted fishermen risk their life to cross the boundary. One fisherman said that, they could only rely on their own intuition to figure out if they are near to the boundary before. Nowadays, with the investment in buying GPS tracker, the devices could tell them clearly where the boundary is. Which means each reasonable payment could receive its deserved better return.

Apart from using GPS technology to help fishermen safely solve dispute, while time is needed that the fishermen from both sides should understand on cooperation in the high seas and the sharing of marine resources.

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