Young Girl was Rescued via the GPS System

GUANGDONG, SZ (December 2, 2014) – In recent years, numerous data showed that many innocent children were kidnapped or robbed, especially young girls. Tragedies were continuously happened, actions must be taken to prevent unhappiness occurring. Lately, GPS system in cellphone successfully rescued a young girl’s life.

According to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, they received a series of 911 calls from a cellphone Saturday, while without anyone speaking on the other end. They immediately tried redialed the phone number, but found that the phone hadn’t been activated. Thankfully, the phone did carry GPS signal which could be tracked. Depending on this small clue, police successfully tracked down to the signal and then find that it was an alcoholic pointing a rifle at a young teenager girl because of an argument. Thankfully the poor girl who once dialed the phone for help when the emergency occurring.

“Most cellphones that are disabled, that don’t have an active account, you can still make an emergency call on it,” Authority said. “We’ve used that a lot over the years to help find people who are at risk for harm and to track them down via the GPS technology. We’ve had a lot of positive outcomes because of that.”

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