GPS Technology Fanciers Innovatively Create Art

GUANGDONG, SZ (December 11, 2014) – You must have heard a report about how a Japanese man romantically proposed to his girlfriend by using GPS technology to draw out two characters “Marry me” on online map after almost half a year not long time ago.

According to ABCNews, nowadays, more GPS technology fanciers are creatively using GPS to draw digital artworks. As a number of growing groups of exercisers, Lobree ride his bike which installed GPS Tracking devices to record his routes around Turkey for almost 52.6 miles, and eventually successfully drew a background picture of Turkey on his computer.

GPS Technology artwork

Dave Sundheim who is a mechanical engineer who cycled 84.6 miles through the whole San Francisco streets finally depicted a vivid self-portrait of himself by using GPS either.

GPS Technology artwork

Lobree pretty enjoyed what he is doing now and he says, “It’s a great way of showing people you can do things other than just ride from A to B to see your city.” His team members become bigger and bigger, he confidently anticipates this kind of activity could grow into a yearly event. While he seriously emphasizes although the result looks very beautiful and meaningful, the whole progress is not just a comfortable travel.

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