2015 Meitrack Distribution Conference on Chinese-Philippine Cooperation

May 14th, 2015, Shenzhen, China – Meitrack Group, a global leading GPS tracker manufacturer and solution supplier, has announced its complete success on Chinese-Philippine Distribution Conference which had been held on 13-14th May, 2015, at Meitarck Group Building, opening a new chapter after several years marketing in Philippine region.
In the conference, representatives of Meitrack Group, and representatives of Philippines distribution partnership, have engaged in meaningful talks on two parties’ strategic cooperation. Both sides pledge to support each other in local business development.
“We are very impressed by Meitrack’s concrete reputation and its greatest sincerity through this business trip”, one of the representative of Philippines partnership said. “We are fully confident in expanding our business in Philippines through cooperation and promoting benign development of the local industry.”
“It is a significant monument in Meitrack’s development of accelerating its distribution network expansion. Through this combined cooperation, it could maximize mutual benefits, leading to a win-win, as well as raise the awareness of both brands rapidly in Philippine consumer market.“ Noted Mr. Lok Liu, CEO of Meitrack Group, “ Meitrack, with nearly 13 years of professional experience in tracking industry, will continually showcase its ongoing efforts to deliver reliable products that meet the highest standards and quality measures for customers.”

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