GPS Tracker Applied by Polices to Prevented Frauds

(Shenzhen, China) – According to consumerist, We’ve been teaching and learning from all kinds of channels how to protect ourselves from frauds but the result always ended as a tragedy, such as the information of your credit card will be collected once you wipe them at ATMs and gas pumps. The actions we take couldn’t punish criminals who really hooked up the illegal devices. Fortunately, GPS tracker can almost settle all those questions done as police can follow the real-time position data reported by the in-build GPS tracker to track down its scammers.
For many card skimmers which normally store card information temporary, in order to efficiently collecting information for more profit purposes, the scammer has to take the skimmer off and download card owner’s information. Monitoring around one skimming device will deal criminals a direct blow somehow, but it would waste too much time and human resources. Thus specially designed GPS trackers now are widely used in various fields to facilitate police in Redlands to better locate criminals, said by Cyber security expert and journalist Brian Krebs.
However, limited life span of battery is a sticky problem which needed to be solved firstly. What’s more, the longer the battery the bigger of the product size would be which can’t ensure its covert feature. One feasible solution is to set the GPS tracker send alarms only under the circumstance of removing and pinging less frequently.
Avoiding direct contacting with polices, bluetooth is applied by those innovative scammers to achieve remote collection of information data. Thus more functions needed to be realized till this kind of GPS tracker could perfectly guard and prevent information being leaking out.
According to one professional survey in 2010, it is said that among 6,100 gas stations there are 1.5% skimmers are working now. Paying cash definitely is the killer in ID fraud cases, while many consumers usually don’t carry too much currency on themselves now. Therefore, it is suggested that credit card are safer than the debit card from the consideration of security. Even if both your debit and credit card have $0 liability for fraud, it can be an arduous process getting stolen funds returned to your checking account while the credit card company will just remove the fraudulent charges from your account.

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