Meitrack participates in Gurtam Partner Conference in Belarus

Gurtam Partner Conference was held for two days to provide a place for top customers to meet. Hardware providers like Meitrack were crucial to show support to customers. The conference took place June 9-10 with an extra day for relaxation. Excitement filled the air as Meitrack participated in the event. The participation in the discussion along with the rest of the partners and customers took part on the second day. This conference touched on many topics that included software and hardware information that was beneficial for everyone. The purpose of the conference served for Gurtam to reassure customers and partners. They introduced their different departments and how they can help customers.

gutam ee

Also, Meitrack got the opportunity to talk about the fuel management and other GPS tracking solutions for projects customers needed. This in turn was a success in portraying the vital solutions that Meitrack holds to cover needs from hardware to software.

In addition, the event closed out on an additional day which Gurtam had an informal dinner to liven up the mood and indulge in the regional food and customs. As a result, this conference was a real success in showcasing the abilities that Meitrack produces as a manufacturer.

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