Meitrack GPS Tracker MT90 Applied in TRAIL DE MINUIT 2016

TRAIL DE MINUIT is France’s one of recent popular outdoor recreation in running category. On June 4, 2016, this activity, a stated 56-kilometer race, took place in France once again and GEROACE held the race as an organizer. During the race, 100 units of Meitrack personal GPS trackers MT90 are offered to athletes.

The devices played its full role by exactly recording sets of data, detailing every athlete’ journey and transmitting the position information to the tracking platform in real time.

The athletes, keeping the compact and portable MT90 on them while running, can send a signal for help in case of emergency. The organizers can quickly pinpoint requesters’ locations and offer assistance to them. In addition, the device is equipped with the two-way calling function, so organizers can talk with athletes and give orders to them.

About Meitrack

Established in 2002, Meitrack, for nearly 14 years development, has become a global leading supplier of GPS trackers, M2M devices and industry solutions. Meanwhile, Meitrack possesses subsidiary companies in California, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Aiming at sound and stable development and adhering to the strategy of “going global”, Meitrack extends its business scopes over 170 countries and regions worldwide.

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